Nittaku Wang LiQin Blade (OFF)

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The blade which has been developed by the world champion under the cooperation of the WANG LIQIN player who shone 3 times.

It enables to attack a WANG LIQIN style continuously intensely.

Speed: 10
Control: 8
Ply: 5 wood
Weight: 90g ±
Thickness: 6.0mm ±
Size: 260 x 151 mm
Feeling : Medium

- Nittaku Wang LiQin Table Tennis Blade.
- Helped designed by 3 times World Table Tennis Championship Men Single Champion Wang Liqin (2001, 2005 & 2007).
- Dedicated to Wang Liqin for his powerful and continuous attacking playing style.
- Made in China & disrtibuted by Nittaku Japan

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