How To Decorate Your Sports Game Room

Sports Game Room photo
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So, you are looking to decorate your game room with a sports theme? Whether you are looking to buy a pool table or already own one, this is the perfect place to start. Sports team logo felts are an excellent addition to any sports room. By replacing the current felt on your pool table with a felt depicting your favorite college team, you are on the right track.

Pub tables and bar stools are another important addition to your game room. Your friends and family will be impressed when they sit down at a table and stool with a sports logo decoration. This creates a space for spectators to sit and have a drink while others can casually play pool. This also comes in handy because honestly, who really likes to stand?

Other items to consider while planning your sports game room are wall accessories such as clocks, pictures, and signs. This is the icing on the cake because decorations can either make or break a room. Make sure you follow along with the sports game room theme you have going when choosing pictures and clocks. Neon sports signs will leave a lasting impression with guests and will definitely go over well with your family.

When choosing your sports game room furniture, it would also be wise to take into account your carpeting and walls. You want to make sure that the walls are painted a color that will go with the colors of the sports team you choose. The floor also needs to tie into the color scheme. If you are opting for hardwood floors, accent rugs with team colors are a necessity. If you are looking into carpeting your game room, it would be advisable to choose a carpet that has a color of the team. For example, if you choose the Miami Hurricanes, you would want to have green or white walls with orange accent rugs. White carpet will always go with anything, but beware of stains.

If you take these simple steps, you will be able to turn a normal game room into a sports haven where you can play pool, throw darts, have a drink, and watch the game in style.

For more tips on how to decorate your sports game room, just ask a pimp!

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Artificial Turf And Field Hockey

Artificial turf or artificial turf grass is designed primarily as a substitute for real grass, especially in a sports setting, due to the latter being unable to withstand the rigors of being used for sports like football, soccer, and field hockey. Besides the fact that artificial turn and artificial turf grass is being studier against the heavy use common in sports, these kinds of artifical turf are also much easier to maintain, as they need no watering or irrigation. It is also much cheaper, especially in the long run and with indoor stadiums, as using real grass indoors is much more difficult and much more expensive than using artificial turf.

History of Artificial Turf

The technology was developed in the 1960s by a team of researchers headed by David Chaney. Artificial turf is also referred to as Astroturf and became prominent in 1965 when it was used in the newly-minted Astrodome in Houston, Texas. This totally changed the face of field sports, field hockey included, as more and more teams and stadiums chose this easy to maintain and economical alternative to real grass as a playing field. The usual type to be used is called unfilled or wet Astroturf, which is a type of artificial turf that needs to be showered with water before games and in-between periods. This type of artificial turf grass is much safer for players compared to the use of sand-filled types, whose abrasiveness make players prone to more injuries. Wet-type artifical turf is most often used in elite-level Field Hockey games.

Applications in Field Hockey

The use of artificial turf has drastically changed the sport of field hockey in particular, as the sport has evolved to incorporate the use of artificial turf grass. Artifical turf grass was first used in the 1970s with even the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics using artificial turf for the first time in the sport. Artificial turf grass used in field hockey is different from other types used in other sports as it does not try to emulate real grass and is therefore, shorter than the usual type of Astroturf. This has resulted in enhanced movement of the players, making the game more fast-paced. Even the techniques and the equipment used to play the game have been developed around the use of artifical turf. Sticks have become stubbier and more durable and protective gear for the players such as helmets and padding  especially for the goalie  have become much thicker. Shoes have been designed to be more adapted to the wet artificial turf. Even the ball used in field hockey has changed, from a leather ball to a much harder and dimpled plastic ball  which is better suited to the wet artificial turf grass used today.

Artificial turf has revolutionized the playing field for Field Hockey, making it into the fast-paced ball game it is today. Its a more practical and economical alternative to real grass, and game technology today has made artificial turf become a safer playing field medium for all Field Hockey player around the world.