How to Get a Slate Roof Without Using Real Slate

Our old tile roof had more than just cracks and algae, it was out of place in our neighborhood. We were the only house around with a tile roof. I have no idea what got into my grandfather to put a tile roof on this house he built, and I have no idea why my dad redid it when him and my mother owned it. Now my wife and I live in this big stone home, and we have renovated it inside. The first step in our outdoor renovations was contacting a company that does roof installation in Brooklyn NY to get rid of this unsightly and out of place tile.

I had no idea how the switch to a traditional roof her would transform our home. Many of the houses on our street were built with slate roofs. As the years have gone by most have switched to new materials that look like slate but are not. Our roof is made of rubber. The old corrugated terracotta tile is all gone! Our new slate-look roof is going to last a very long time, and it fits in with the look of the neighborhood much better. The old-world charm of the stone and slate used in the home construction on our block is being preserved with all new materials used in construction. You can still buy real slate tiling for roofs, but the new materials hold up a lot better. Slate breaks too easily. New materials for slate are made of everything from rubber to concrete. There are even metal roofs that mimic the look of slate.

We are just glad that old terracotta tile is gone. It might look great on homes down south, but it just did not fit in for a roof style in our neighborhood. Sometimes you want to stand out, but in the case of the curb appeal of our house, we wanted to blend in with the neighborhood.